Arnano is a spin-off of CEA-Léti created in 2009. It is developing an innovative archiving process derived from microelectronics: a micro-engraved sapphire disc for high-density analogue storage of graphic data. The Arnano technology guarantees data storage with a lifespan of more than 2000 years.

SOURCE is a new concept which consists of a ring that integrates a synthetic sapphire surface on which 100 nano-images are engraved: photos, drawings, texts… Its owner himself chooses the images he wishes to secure and keep on him permanently. SOURCE is a double ring made of ceramic and platinum. The outer platinum ring slides to hide the sapphire containing the engraved images. A microscopic reading box reveals this “invisible” information thanks to an optical device.

SOURCE is the result of 3 years of collaboration between Arnano and IXIADE, which has enabled the identification of a luxury product application for this synthetic sapphire laser nano engraving technology, directly from the CEA laboratories. This collaboration began with creativity sessions, notably with actors from the luxury goods and jewellery industries, in order to develop the first concepts of innovative applications for this technology. The concepts, which were then enriched and materialised by illustrations and usage scenarios, were evaluated by potential users. These tests enabled IXIADE designers to design and develop the final object: SOURCE.