Passing on our expertise in Strategy, Usage Studies and Design

At Ixiade, we are committed to placing innovation at the centre of your skills. This is why we offer training courses in Strategy, Usage Studies and Design. Our certified support is the result of many years of expertise.

Our trainings

As an approved training organisation (approval number 82 38 04154 38) and Datadock referenced, we offer a range of training courses to meet the different stages of innovation projects, with a truly operational vocation. Thanks to an action-based pedagogy, our training courses alternate between the transmission of knowledge and practical application. Because innovation is a human and collective process, in order to better adapt to each context, the training courses can be followed by personalized support.


Building its innovation strategy  (2 days)4-5 JUNE 202009-10 JUNE 202026-27 AUG 2020
Anticipating the user experience thanks to usage forecasting (2 days apart)18 & 25 MAY 202012 & 19 JUNE 202002 & 09 SEP 2020
Elaborate your “business model” around a technological innovation (2 days apart)7 & 28 MAY 20206 & 27 JULY 202008 & 29 JULY 2020
Develop and position an innovative product concept (2 days)4-5 MAY 20207-8 JULY 202021-22 JULY 2020

Usage studies

Discover the techniques and tools of creativity (2 days)17-18 JUNE 202009-10 JULY 202010-11 SEP 2020
Designing an innovative offer thanks to Design Thinking (2 days)21-22 MAY 202029-30 JUNE 202023-24 SEP 2020
Introduction to ergonomics to design and analyse an intuitive system (2 days apart)22 & 26 JUNE 202028 & 31 JULY 202025 & 28 AUG 2020

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