In the context of homecare for people with loss of autonomy, TASDA (Technopôle Alpes Santé à Domicile et Autonomie) wanted to develop a teaching kit to facilitate work sessions with people with loss of autonomy, family and professional carers and developers of telecare technologies in order to imagine tomorrow’s telecare solutions.

  • Working sessions with the TASDA team in order to clearly define the team’s expectations and the objectives of the coaching sessions
  • Development of a game containing cards
    • “persona” (an elderly person whose identity must be completed)
    • “actors” (all those involved in the home care of people with loss of independence)
    • “places” (different places from home to outdoors)
    • “situations” (everyday or more specific situations that are problematic for people)
    • “connectors” (the way in which the different elements connect to each other)
  • Development of animation supports enabling TASDA teams and partners to take over the game and deploy it in their territory (animation guides, sequences, facilitators’ state of mind, working instructions, etc.)
  • After an experiment in a real situation, the emphasis was put on a tele-assistance “totem” allowing participants not to lose sight of the objective of the working sessions