30Mar 2020

Develop new offer concepts

In an increasingly digital world, it is necessary for companies to develop new innovative offers, adapted to the practices of their future users.

31Oct 2019

Creativity in a digital world

Innovation and creativity are naturally strongly linked together, and they nowadays constitute one of the most crucial challenges for companies.

26Sep 2019

Usage Prospective Approach or how to anticipate the future

Anticipating the future plays an important role in innovation projects and is necessary to take appropriate strategic decisions. But as the world becomes more and more connected and complex, how can we identify the most relevant paths? How can uncertainties be reduced?

16Oct 2017

Ixiade, expert-partner of Ideas Laboratory’s Open Lab

Ixiade joins an Open Lab dedicated to innovation. A few words about the partnership with Pascal Pizelle, CEO.

Who are your new partners?

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