26Sep 2019

Usage Prospective Approach or how to anticipate the future

Anticipating the future plays an important role in innovation projects and is necessary to take appropriate strategic decisions. But as the world becomes more and more connected and complex, how can we identify the most relevant paths? How can uncertainties be reduced?

29Aug 2019

Hybridization as a core element of user experience

Transhumanism or collapse theory, frantic or frugal consumption, programmed obsolescence or repair, robots or humans, -philic or -phobic, pro- or anti, generation X or Y, old workaholics or millennials in constant search of meaning...

16Oct 2017

Price elasticity of demand: how to anticipate the economic benefits of an innovation strategy

How could we predict the revenues generated by the launch of an innovation? To what extent is price elasticity of demand a strategic indicator for innovative companies?

16Oct 2017

Experts to the service of innovation: anticipate the future with the Delphi method!

It is sometimes difficult to predict with certainty the future of an innovation. However, some tools enable to consider plausible futures. It is the case of Delphi, a method used in the field of prospective since 1948 and in constant evolution.

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